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Hi, I'm Ayu Larasati 

I'm a UX researcher (and occasional designer) based in Austin, Texas with experience working in independent end-to-end and client-based projects. Nice to meet you!

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Working with heart

Inspired by something my mom would always say, working with heart goes beyond just doing the best I can. Working with heart means empathizing with the project and the people I work with. It means being considerate, being flexible, and being attentive to the details.

The why's and why not's

Staying curious of the why's and why not's allows me to gain better insights and understanding of different perspective, while also keeping me humble as I approach research and design challenges. This also applies to how I process feedback!

Have a little (constructive) fun!

Life is too short to be so serious, but sometimes you have to be, so I find importance in not only taking appropriate time to immerse myself in the project but also enjoying the process and having fun with it where I can. With this approach, I can stay focused without burning out, and sometimes gain epiphanies along the way.

My Values


UX Research & Design Intern

Sentier Strategic Resources

Austin, TX | April 2020 - Present

UX Researcher - Capstone Project


Austin, TX | January - May 2021

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Course: Undergraduate Engineering Communications

The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX | August 2019 - May 2021

Master of Science in Information Studies

Concentration in UX Research & Design

The University of Texas at Austin

May 2021

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Concentration in Geography

The University of Texas at Austin

December 2018


A bit of a homebody...

I enjoy baking and am trying to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and embroidery, and of course, Netflix and quite a bit of anime here and there. 

A bit of an explorer...

Finding new coffee shops and cafes around town and food places to try is almost always a given. When I'm not exploring the urban jungle, I like to go out hiking or walking along trails and traveling.

And (formerly) a bit of a sportswoman

Five years of recreational/pseudo-competitive swimming, two years of Taekwondo, and three-and-a-half years of collegiate archery. Funny enough, my worst sports-related injury is actually from playing freeze-tag.

Outside of work

❤️ 🐻| Ayu Larasati